Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ooo migrants

Tried my luck for migrants at Galley again this morning and it paid off! As I walked down past the sycamores at Shite lane, I could hear something giving little tic noises and began to pay more attention. But a quick glimpse of a plain winged small flycatcher was all I got, before it booted out over the maize field and away. I hot-footed it in pursuit, to the next lot of pines and picked it up at distance in a big willow - red-breasted flycatcher! Cracker! I got a bit closer, and eventually saw it well, and even got a few shots...

In action! (fluke-shot)

In repose
A great wee bird - this was my 3rd at Galley, but first outside of the forests of Dirk! In the same willow there were a few phylloscs and a reed warbler, which was also very welcome for the year list (127).

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