Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Patch List Challenge - vote for best bird

Following a hectic year of patch-listing, who will win the coveted 'best find' prize? This year you can vote for your favourite celebrity birder and their best find - read on.......


Who's who and what did they find?


Reg Hollis - Everyone's favourite copper, Reg was a Collieston faithful all year, turning up a Red-rumped Swallow in April for his troubles.

Lord Hoffy - He's slogged round Lough Beg twice and found N Irn's 2nd ever Squacco and 3rd ever Great White Egret, the jammy get!

Roy Castle - Better known as a tap-dancing, trumpet-playing dead record breaker, "Royzah' has been working the Don for years. Not much in the way of broken records this year, with Long-tailed Skua his best effort.

UHT-2006 Spritely - A north Don man-machine, his upgrades failed him this year, and Pochard was his 'best' - a good bird on the Don, allegedly.

Fat Paul Scholes - He's fat, he's round, he's always on the ground at Girdleness. 'Scholsey' has been invaluable. 'In' on the recent Brunnich's, but not the finder, his best effort was close on its heels - a fine White-billed Diver off Girdle.

Jesus - Marooned on Cape Clear for the year for his sins, but we all have our crosses to bear. Possible contenders included another Fea's and a shore lark, but he's going with Red-rumped Swallow as his best.

Shakin' Stevens - Never out of the blocks all year, 'Shakey' managed a Squacco off-patch, but had to settle for Great Grey Shrike at the Folkestone cliffs as his best.

Paul McCartney - Everyone's favourite beatle, Paul has been ploughing a lonely furrow regularly at Galley Head all year, with lesser whitethroat his best patch find - a good, (well, all right) bird for ireland honest! 

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Having noticed that it was possible to rig votes on the previous poll, (thats how I got 3 votes!) I've redone the poll using non-cheatable means - Please cast yer votes for the 2007 best patch find!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

greasy grebe ya bas

A galley tick this morning in the form of an immature great crested grebe on Kilkeran Lake (129) - a nice early Christmas present!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

black reds

black redstart was flicking around near the cove at the bottom of Marsh Lane this afternoon, and what was presumably the same bird had made its way up to the sycamores at Shite Lane shortly afterwards. Another black redstart was seen in a garden in Clonakilty this morning.

Monday, December 3, 2007

gnd & kp

A great northern diver graced Kilkeran Lake mid-morning but was gone by lunch-time. Unfortunately I was off ticking kentish plover  in east Cork at the time, which was nice! Shame it turned out to have been confiscated from an illegal breeder in Germany - what are the chances??

 Photos: R Mundy