Friday, September 27, 2013

Migrants at Galley!

Conditions have been good virtually everywhere of late, with a long burst of easterly winds blasting out of central Europe towards the UK and Ireland. Having just got back from an excellent trip to Shetland on Tues night, I was keen to get back out on patch as soon as possible.

And the east wind did the business!

Scanning a wall of a field I was delighted to spot a wryneck sitting tight. Unfortunately I botched the attempted photograph and it disappeared, as they do. Onwards and upwards though, as I bumped into 2 (count 'em) whinchats a little bit further on, before stumbling over the bird of the day - a fine juv red-backed shrike - only my 2nd ever on patch!

Additional year ticks in the form of pied flycatcher  and spotted flycatcher were also most welcome! (134)

ooo migrants

Sunday, September 8, 2013

accidental ear

Took this shot on full digital zoom by mistake this morning, but it seems to have come out not too bad!

flukey wheatear

Saturday, September 7, 2013


A pleasant morning on patch kicking around for migs. Although the forecasted north-westerlies were never going to drop much in, it was nice & calm first thing and the prospect of something out of the ordinary knocking about dragged me out at 7.30, despite only 5 hours kip.

An acro at Shite Lane kept me occupied for a bit, until it revealed itself as a sedge warbler, and there were a few willows and chiffs around too. Further on round, a warbler jumped out of some brambles and sat on the fence really close for what seemed like ages - grasshopper warbler - always great (and hard) to see one well. Eventually I managed to wrestle the new cam out of its case by which time only the birds head was visible - still, quite pleased with the one shot I managed.

A few waders were on the move with dunlin and ringed plovers going over but couldn't manage a year tick today. Maybe tomorrow?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ooo migrants

Tried my luck for migrants at Galley again this morning and it paid off! As I walked down past the sycamores at Shite lane, I could hear something giving little tic noises and began to pay more attention. But a quick glimpse of a plain winged small flycatcher was all I got, before it booted out over the maize field and away. I hot-footed it in pursuit, to the next lot of pines and picked it up at distance in a big willow - red-breasted flycatcher! Cracker! I got a bit closer, and eventually saw it well, and even got a few shots...

In action! (fluke-shot)

In repose
A great wee bird - this was my 3rd at Galley, but first outside of the forests of Dirk! In the same willow there were a few phylloscs and a reed warbler, which was also very welcome for the year list (127).