Wednesday, August 21, 2013

more large shears

After last night's haul, it was back out again this morning for first light. Once again, the first bird through the scope was a cory's, and the morning watch continued where I'd left off last night. There were more great shearwaters in the mix this morning though, which was nice! A couple of other birders joined me, and we made the best of the bad light, while the shearwaters went by at varying range. It was great practice trying to ID them all in the tough conditions, however after 4 hours my eyes were almost falling out due to the glare & hazy conditions. Time to leave, but not before a tightly packed flock of c.45 cory's flew past, with one sooty shearwater in amongst them - an amazing sight - like being in the mediterranean!

Today's numbers as follows - 6.45 - 10.45 am - all west

1,107 Cory's shearwaters
290 Great shearwaters
44 sooty shearwaters
19 Bonxies
2 Pomarine skuas
1 Arctic skua
17 Puffins
2 Storm petrels

1 comment:

Gavin Haig said...

Shear indulgence! All heading west you say, Col? That'll be in the opposite direction to Seaton then. Obviously.