Thursday, October 13, 2011

Patch gold again!

Gave Galley the works this morning, and was duly rewarded with three (count 'em!) year ticks (129). I did the head first and was impressed by the viz-migging. Plenty of common stuff streaming southwards, with approx. 250 skylarks, 80 chaffinches, 20 redpolls, 15 siskin and also c. 20 magpies going through the motions, before they chickened out and headed back inland again.

In the midst of all this action I picked up a coal tit banging around on telephone wires - a Galley mega! I've seen more yellow-broweds here, and they is far from annual. This one was the first since 2008, so was very welcome! The next highlight was a buzzard, which sadly I got onto a little late, but it must have almost flown over my head! Still, another good one for the year, which is almost guaranteed these days, but you never know! The final year tick was a fine pied flycatcher, which appeared to be fresh in - always great value.  The juvenile woodchat shrike was still loitering about the fields at Shite Lane too.

And the wind is still in the east, with light drizzle tonight.....can't wait till morning!

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