Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More dirty twitching at Galley

Hot news today of a barred warbler loitering in Dirk - big bird, small place and all that - "piece of piss" I thought! Gave it a while late morning but no luck in the fog, however a return visit late pm in the sunshine was inspired, as it showed briefly in a sunny buckthorn bush before retreating again. Full Fat Patch Tick! Result! (126). One day I'll get a nice showy one here tho!

In other news, while I was watching the barred, de langer turned up a whinchat at Long Strand, which was duly notched onto the "from the house" list - bonus! Had a cracking male in the spring so it wasn't new for the year, but they've been pretty scarce in the last few years! South-east winds tonight - who knows what will be out there tomorrow!

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