Saturday, September 17, 2011

migs in north-westerlies?

More Seatrack fun this morning, so of course the wind was totally arse for Galley. North-westerlies are great for the Bridges but crap for here. Still, I gave it an hour and a half and was rewarded with a balearic shearwater (great views - my first one for the survey this year!), an arctic skua and a few arctic terns - ho hum.

Did Dirk again then, as it seemed the best option out of the wind - the amount of cover is still terrifying but todays imaginery bird was a good one - I was staring into a sycamore and suddenly thought "what if yellow-billed cuckoo shuffled out into view now"....unfortunately one didn't but can you imagine the rush if it had? The great tits are still there, by the way.

Dirk came good late in the day though with news of a lesser whitethroat - good birds for here, have only seen a handful at Galley. I made it up there in time for brief but clinching views as it settled down to roost for the night (119).  Wonder what else is in there with it...

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