Friday, September 16, 2011

hanging in there

Birding with a hangover is not easy. I'd optimistically left all my gear out ready downstairs so I'd be straight out the door at first light but imbibery of the black stuff the night before put paid to that (4.5 measly pints - disgraceful!) However, I still wasn't up to much a couple of hours later and it wasn't till news of some rares in the south-west came in that I finally got my act together and got in amongst it on patch.  The previous days south-easterlies didn't seem to have brought that much in, but I did manage to stumble into a turtle dove.

A half-arsed scan of the curlew flock by the lake late pm produced a black-tailed godwit (118), which I thought was quite impressive given my still banging hangover! I'm never drinking (murphys) again etc etc.

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