Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another Bonelli's?!?

Didn't have long this am, but there were a few phylloscs and the spotted flycatcher at Shite Lane this am, with a male Blackcap down Marsh Lane. Old Spoons did the business today tho, with Galley's second Western Bonelli's Warbler in 10 days!! I got up for a few glimpses of it late morning and it was a right fecker to see! Clearly a duller, less green-fringed bird, although still very clean white underneath, smaller than willows and greyer about the head - wouldn't have been happy with the views of last weeks one hadn't given itself up!

Western Bonelli's Warbler both courtesy C Cronin
As if that wasn't enough excitement, I jammed a flyover, calling yellow wagtail over the house after lunch - less than annual here, and its been ages since my last one! Happy days!

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