Tuesday, November 5, 2013

courtmac & timoleague

Took a wee spin to Courtmacsherry this morning to have a sconce at this

Surf Scoter, Courtmacsherry
Unfortunately it was a bit more distant than it had been yesterday, so the shots were correspondingly even poorer than they might have been! Only discovered on checking this evening that my last surf scoter was 10 years ago to the very day, at the same site! Spooky!

On the way home I stopped to check the gulls at Timoleague and found 2 adult yellow-legged gulls in amongst the lessers - here they are in situ...

2 adult YLG with LBBs
and in more detail

Jeepers, I feel like Gavin Haig

C'mon Gav, talk us thru this fella!

Still find these fellas tricky & don't feel confident about them at all. Reckon it must be down to my deprived Scottish upbringing! Kind of getting the hang of adults tho - just need to find one on patch now!


Gavin Haig said...

Look brilliant on my phone's diddy little screen! I'm sure you must have clocked the underside of p10 okay. That and nostril shape are all you need to clinch 'em really. Easy peasy!

Col said...

Cheers Gav - good to get 'em confirmed by the gull-meister!