Sunday, February 10, 2013

A twitch to Mizen Head

Finally got a chance to go for the two black ducks down near Barleycove on Mizen Head today, and was glad I made the effort! The two were sat on a flooded pool by the side of the road opposite the Barleycove Caravan Park, near Cockles Strand, looking very pleased with themselves!

Even though they were pretty close, I still managed to balls up the following record shots, but note the white underwing and lack of any rings on at least one leg! Fortunately one of the shots is almost in focus! Almost!

Look at the underwing on that!

Unringed (on one leg anyway!)

Couldn't get them both with their heads up at once! 
And then they went to sleep, no doubt still wrecked from their tough Atlantic crossing, so we left them to it!


Carmo said...

I'll give ya that one. Thanks for dropping my webpage from your link list langer :)

Harry said...

Saves you a trip to Achill anyway!

seppy said...

jeez! work in progress fella! I'll add yer link in soon bud!

Carmo said...

wahay! Fame at last...thanks for dropping in me webpage fella. Ledge.