Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The ears have landed

After several days of thrashing the patch (or at least the likeliest bits) I was finally rewarded this morning with a cracking male wheatear, which was followed by another on the way home. A female was also there this pm, while a chiffchaff in the garden was another sign that things are getting through! There's been a few additions since my last post, namely stock dove, merlin and common scoter, which with the wheatears makes 75 for the year to date. Getting there!

This iceland gull was hanging around with some common gulls in the field next to the house this afternoon, allowing more much-needed digi-scoping practice to be had!

and this was the stock was quite far away

and while yer on, here's a v dodgily "enhanced" redwing - know your limits!