Sunday, January 23, 2011

full fat patch tick

A lovely morning at Galley, and with no distractions, I headed out, with a big slog round planned. Hadn't got further than the beach when I noticed 5 blobs sitting on the beach - a quick check with bins, convinced they'd be oiks, so was amayzed to see 5 shoveler sitting there! Patch Tick! Incredible! (64)

Patch Gold!!!

Luckily KC showed up in time to verify them before they flew off. After that mammoth success, there didn't seem much point in continuing further, especially with the news that it was very quiet, so I bailed, and headed home to gloat on the net! A check of the lake later revealed that they'd relocated there, and looked quite settled. A long awaited patch tick, and a total surprise - patch listing don't get much better than that!

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