Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cork Bird News to your phone, for free!

I'm currently trialling a twitter site for rare & scarce bird news in County Cork. If you want to receive updates on sightings via your mobile, for free, you need to sign up to twitter online at  Once you've got a username & password, you can set up your account so that you register your mobile with twitter - more here...


When your mobile is activated with twitter, you can go to the cork bird news site ( and follow it - see here...


At the moment, I'm posting news via my phone or online. However, twitter are currently beta-testing a multiple users (contributors) system, which would let several folk operate from 1 account - this would (theoretically) mean that someone finding a rare in the field could just send 1 text message to Twitter/Cork Bird News and the news would go to everyone following the site on their phones - in seconds! Currently, sending a twitter message costs 9c on O2 and 0c on vodafone, as an introductory offer - they've only just got it going.


As well as news of rare & scarce birds, news of decent falls of migrants, or seawatch totals will also be posted, to let folks know that it mite be worth checking elsewhere. News of megas found elsewhere in the country will also be posted.


Click on "Join the Conversation" on the Twitter box to the right to see all news postings to date, or to sign up.

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