Sunday, September 13, 2009

that bunting is back!

Got a rather breathless phone call late morning concerning the reappearance of Friday's black or red headed bunting - managed to get there before it went to ground again for the afternoon, and a few other birders also managed to connect with it, which was good. The bird did disappear for most of the afternoon, but showed again well early evening, so hopefully it's identification can be clinched from all the photos. The images below are courtesy of Owen Foley - cheers, fella! More images here

I'd say I'm plumping for black-headed, as there is some streaking on the crown, although this was quite hard to see in full-strength sunlight (I think you can see it on photo 3?), plus the wing bars look pretty whitish (not that obvious from these photos). Compare it to this bird on Fetlar in Sept 2006 here

Opinions welcome about this bird!

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