Saturday, December 19, 2015

biking not birding

Haven't been out birding much of late. There's been too much of this...

Yes, indeedy, the midlife crisis continues unabated, however it did lead to a bit more of this....

I was jammy enough to spy the american bittern from the bike, as it paraded around the banks of Castlefreke Lake after a few days of not being reported. The downside was that "Old Spoons" managed to finally tick it the following morning, when this shot was taken.

Sadly, its looking more and more likely that the bird may have left Castlefreke Lake, as it hasn't been reported for several days, despite a few visiting birders looking hard for it. Hopefully, it'll turn up again though.There's been a fair bit of european twitching action going on, with belgians, germans and even geordies coming for it! I'd better keep cycling past though, just in case it does reappear.

Slightly less mega visitors (but still welcome) turned up at White's Marsh yesterday, and I managed to catch up with them today...

Sadly, it was too dark to see by the time I cycled back to get them on my "from the bike" list this pm but hopefully they'll stick around and give me another chance!